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Aug. 4, 2007 Saint Mammas, the little known Saint of the accountants and taxpayers  
June7, 2007  Continuation of the story of the guy who moved abroad without his mailbox  
Feb 27, 2007 Bondoufle, Nörten and Wolbrechtshausen join our Walks 211 227
Feb 25, 2007 Stories from the Rhine becomes enlarged.  
Dec 9, 2006 The Train de Memoire moves to our site.  
Dec 8, 2006 The story of the guy who moved abroad without his mailbox  
May 1st, 2006 Walks through Bingen, Madrid, Scotland ... 159 344
April 18th, 2005 The site becomes www.Heidecker.eu  
Dec 4, 2005 Pictures from the Lazarevac Monument 125 000
May 16, 2005 Impressions from Serbia is the new section from our new home country  
May 2004 - May 2005 The Heidecker family is on the move - and so is the website. www.chez.com/johannes becomes www.Heidecker-Post.com 108 239
December 6, 2003 Published newspaper articles become also available online. 14 808
August 28, 2003 Feuchy in the Great War: the first history of this small village defended by the British in World War I is published. A summary is also available in English.  
August 2003 A new counter system is installed. We start from Zero, but are getting far better...  
March 13, 2003 The Austria-Hungary and the Galicia section are available in English. The Rühmann movie list is translated, some comments are available in English, too.  
March 1, 2003 The site gets a new layout and the title "Heidecker Post"  
July 21, 2002 Pictures of the Jeep Jamboree at the Rubicon Trail  
Dec 10, 2001 A new project: le Train de Memoire  
Nov 11, 2001 Feuchy - history of a village destroyed in WWI  
Oct 7, 2001 Hoaxes and Viruses - and what we think about it 11 141
Sep 16, 2001 The parishes of the Evry sector (Bondoufle, Courcouronnes, Evry, Lisses) start their websites  
July 1, 2001 German immigration to Galicia  
April 18, 2001 New facts on the name "Heidecker"  
March 25, 2001 New chapters on the history of Austria-Hungary:
  • Cavalry
  • Maximilian, emperor of Mexico
  • The end of the Monarchy
  • Meals at the Imperial court
March New Layout of the Homepage  
March 14, 2001 Galicia  
Feb. 18, 2001 Carneval  
Jan. 28, 2001 Conception starts for the site of the parish St. Denis-St. Fiacre in Bondoufle.  
Nov. 12, 2000 First pages of the partnership site Bondoufle - Nörten-Hardenberg http://www.chez.com/bondouflenoertenhardenberg (currently inactive).  
Oct. 22, 2000 Calender of Advent. During this period, every day a new page in three languages is added.  
Sep. 24, 2000 The ancient Greece pages leave our site to form the new site http://www.chez.com/olympos (now www.e-Olympos.com).  
July 17, 2000 Stories from the Rhine  
June 18, 2000 The name Heidecker.  
April 2, 2000 Thesis: Aspects of the organisation of communication systems  
March 25, 2000 List of names and cities in our family history  
Feb. 2, 2000 Heinz Rühmann filmography  
Jan. 29, 2000 History of our family  
Jan. 26, 2000 History of Jews and Nazis in Glogau
The Austro-Hungarian Army
Oct 10, 1999 Start of the site of the parent association of Notre Dame de Sion St. Jean-St. Paul, http://www.chez.com/apelndsionstjean (currently inactive).  
Oct 3, 1999 This site goes online with an access plan, our family history, multicultural management and ancient Greece.  

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