Lazarevac Monument of the Great War


When World War 1 started, the main goal of the Austrians was to punish Serbia. Therefore, they pushed from the West, from Bosnia Herzegowina, towards the heartland of Serbia.

The Serbian troops were badly equipped, but had a good fighting spirit. And, in the last minute, they got ammunition supply from France. The Austrian troops which had far advanced and were exhausted could be beaten in October 1914. The Serbs pushed them back close to the border.

The Lazarevac monument, hidden in the basement of the orthodox church at the hill in the city of Lazarevac in the center of the front of 1914, keeps the memory of those days.

But this was just the start of a war. Later on, Austrians, Germans and Bulgarians occupied all of Serbia, forcing the Serbian army to retreat completely out of the country. In 1918, with the help of the French, Serbian troops re-conquered Serbia and the south of Hungary, fixing the borders as they are today.

Upd 20. nov. 2006