Belgrade - our town


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  How to come to us:

Plane JAT, Lufthansa, AUA and other airlines go to Belgrade regularly. Belgrade Airport
Car from Western Europe, Belgrade can be reached via Hungary or via Slovenia/Croatia. The way through Hungary might be longer, but has fewer borders.  
Rail From Salzburg to Belgrade there are two trains daily and it takes 14 hours. Železnice Srbije
Boat River cruises on the Danube are quite popular and normally stop in Belgrade.  


In Belgrade:
We live in Banovo Brdo in the south of Belgrade. You can leave the Autoput in direction Obrenovac and go south along the Sava river. You can also come from Dedinje/Senjak either via the Hippodrome or via Topčider and the Košutnjak forest.
  • Cukarica
  • Banovo Brdo
  • turn left into
  • Beogradskog Bataljona
  • turn right at top of the hill
  • go straight; pass three roads
  • turn to the left at 83 - 123
  • immediately to the right
  • immediately to the right


Weather situation:


Upd 18. jan 2009