The story of the guy who moved abroad without his mailbox



Some readers with technical interest might want to know how this mailbox is now used. Well, it will catch errant mails and push them in the real mail world so that they can be treated in time.

But it will not be the main mailbox. Reason is that this mailbox is server based and that there is no download to the local PC. Wonder why they invented pop. Simply spoken, accessing professional mail via Internet is like if your mail at home would arrive at your neighbor, and you would yell at him through the window which letter he should hold up so that you can read it with your binoculars.

It will take some time till everyone knows that fast data lines are a privilege of western capitalism, same like highways, fast speed trains or supersonic airplanes. Till then, email without local download via slow data lines will only be the perfect solution for (patient) green table theoretics.

The reason that there was enough time to count all those mails is the result that even the deletion of unread mails takes a lot of time in such a structure.


Oh, just something. The few important mails have been treated before writing this article.



2. PS.

Reactions on this article: the IT team asked if they can print this article and put it on the billboard. Of course they can.



3. PS.

Even the internal newsletter was talking about this subject and published an article in december: "A large share of IT costs is set by external suppliers. New negotiations have resulted in significant cost reductions. Examples of concrete measures that help reduce IT Infrastructure costs are the limitation of mailbox sizes, ... Another example is the introduction of a simplified process to transfer e-mail accounts from one Group location to another (known as “OU changes”)." Remains the good feeling that you did something for the companies bottom line.



1st continuation

After reaching the right path for so many things, also the internal personal directory was updated. Everything went according to the books, and even the expat was correctly attached to his company.

And then the machine started to process according to the rules. Noticing that the expat had quit the structures covered by system AG, it started to delete the mailbox definitely. (The process could be stopped thanks to the new friends and by working around the regular processes.)

Upd on 19. Dez 2010