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Genealogical search on officers of the Austrian-Hungarian army

Hints if you search on this specific group

Multicultural Management

Doing business in other countries is not always easy - what are the issues? Find the experiences of others, some scientific background and links to other sites.

Organisational Aspects of Communication Services

Fax, mail, databases - how to set them up effectively? Submitted in 1990, the then futuristic part about email has kept its actuality. (Thesis, in German)

CRM - Example AIESEC


The country of the silver moon


Immigration to Galicia

Short history of the "pioneers" in 1772



Austrian, Polish, Ruthenian, Jewish?



Memories of the "good old time"


Maximilian - Emperor of Mexico

How an Austrian became emperor of Mexico and the end of the story


The Austrian-Hungarian Army

A powerful army in which eleven languages were used (in German)










Feuchy in the great War

A French village completely destroyed in WWI and captured by the British army


Lazarevac Monument

The great Serbian battle in the great war


Memories of Jews and Nazis in Glogau

by a student about 1934 - 1944 (in German)


Train de la Memoire

(Memory train)
Texts to a school project visiting Auschwitz (mainly French)

The story of the guy who moved abroad without his mailbox

A true story


How to become a CEO

Chapters by the book of Jeffrey Fox


Hoax, Chain letters and viruses

and our advice...

Impressions from Serbia and the Balkans

Impressions from Russia


Walks with a camera in Bingen, Prague, Madrid, Scotland ...

Finance Jokes

Sometimes those bean counters should take themselves less serious

Saint Mammas

Jeep Jamboree

Offroad trip on the Rubicon Trail


Advent, time of preparation. Stories, poems, songs.

Heinz Rühmann

Movies of the most famous German actor of the 20th century

Viennese Coffeehouse

History, stories and coffee preparations (in German)

Rhine - Wine - Stories





Stories about the Rhine (in German)

Historic Greece

(in French)

Creta - Delphes - Cyprus - Socrate - Art - Culture and more (in French)


A short visit to a tradition on the Rhine (in German)


and specifically ours (in French)

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