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Heinrich "Heinz" Rühmann was born on March 7, 1902 in Essen. He was the most beloved German actor, brilliant in more than sixty years on stage and film in nearly all roles as average, modest little German man in amusing-agitating fight with the absurd, but transparent difficulties of fate ("Schweik"), dream-land conditions ("Feuerzangenbowle") or also with fascinating objects ("Quax der Bruchpilot"). He started 1920 in Breslau with as a theatre player, got engaged by Gründgens in Berlin, returned after the war to Munich on stage working with Kortner in the chamber theater. Rühmann was a Ufa movie star in the Nazi period. After the war he started his own movie production company "Comedia", which went bankrupt. As one of only few artists from the UFA times he achieved to became in the Federal Republic a mimic, often priced institution. Heinz Rühmann died on October 3rd, 1994 at the age of 92 years in Munich.

(FAZ Oct 6, 1994)

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