The following are short notes of our family history, as far as known and written down today. We have a more detailed version in German and are continuing to research and complete it. Only the direct descendants are mentioned here. Living persons, except the owners of the homepage, are not mentioned. For any more details or questions, please .





Heuringhem (62)

Aimé Caraux (1864 - 1916) had seven children, who were born in Heuringhem in the Pas-de-Calais department. His daughter Pauline (1893 - 1972) married Victor Cocq.






Crèvecoeur-sur-Escaut (59) - Pas de Calais

Jerôme-Joseph Carpentier, who died 1890, was married to Angèle Leriche. He had five children, of which his son Fernand Carpentier (1884 - 1916) had married Claire Dermy. Fernand died 1916 in World War One. He had two sons, Joseph and Fernand (1911 - 1931). Fernand died 1931 in an accident. Joseph, born in Crèvecoeur-sur-Escaut, soldier and policeman, married Simone Cocq. Their descendants live in the North of France. His granddaughter Christine married Johannes Heidecker.






Witternesse - Blessy - Pas de Calais

Augustin Cocq (1853 - 1923) was born in Witternesse. He was married to Victoire Facon and they had five children. Their son Victor Cocq (1882 - 1957), married to Pauline Caraux, was the father Simone Cocq (1913 - 1994).






Altendorf (Ruhr) - Silesia

Heinrich Collenberg (1770 - 1820), son of Johann Collenberg, was born in Altendorf (Ruhr), as was his son Heinrich (1805 - 1873), who was a farmer. Their son Theodor (1844 - 1902) was a medical doctor, who became the administrator of the domain of Count Schaffgotsch in Silesia. He died in Hermsdorf unterm Kynast. With his wife Hedwig Neumann (1854 - 1925) he had three children, of which Gertrud Collenberg (1874 - 1938) married Paul Hoffmann.






Le Perrier

Etienne Collinet (born 1807) married to Aimée Pajot, had a son Louis (born 1844). His daughter Rosalie (1878 - 1931), born in Le Perrier, married Jean Pajot.






Crèvecoeur-sur-Escaut (59)

Charles Dermy, married to Léocardie Demarais, had five children. Their daughter Claire (1885 - 1979), born and living in Crèvecoeur-sur-Escaut, married Fernand Carpentier, who died in World War One. She had Ernest Crepin (1892 - 1968) as second husband.






Alsace - Basel - Vienna

The Geymüller family was mentioned first in 1581 in Türkheim in the Alsace region. During the times of religious conflicts, they emigrate 1613 to Basel. Johann Geymüller (1754 - 1824) and his brother came later on to Vienna where they have been merchants and bankers. They served the emperor by financing the contributions Austria had to pay to France after the lost war against Napoleon. Later he suggested the creation of the First Austrian National bank, where he became Vice-Governor. Their summer residence, the Geymüller-Schlössl, a center of cultural live in Vienna of those days, is now a museum. His daughter Karoline married Anton Kriegshaber.






Graz (Styria)

Josef Harum was married to Maria Tanzerollin. Their son Peter married Josefa Schögler, they had a daughter Michaela (born 1837 in Graz), who married Carl Tennenbaum.






Lower Austria - Vienna - Silesia - Rhineland

The Heidecker family has been farmers in Lower Austria near Zwentendorf. Leopold Heidecker (1811 - 1887) got involved in the revolution of 1848, resulting in the liberation of the farmers from the robot work. His son Joseph (1835 - 1924) got in conflict with his father and stepmother and went to Vienna, where he served the Count Zichy. He rose to the rank of Majordomus and followed the Count first to Mailand, then to Constantinopel where Count Zichy had became an ambassador and Joseph Heidecker he administered the Austrian-Hungarian embassy. His son Joseph (1868 - 1949) became administrator of the Domain of Count Oppersdorf in Silesia. One day, he sat down under a tree when a young girl fell in his lap - Gertrud, who had hid in the tree to sneak some cherries! They became married and had three sons. Later Joseph served as General Manager of the Raiffeisen organization up to their merger in 1929.

His son Hanns (1899 - 1982) became a doctor and lived in Glogau (Silesia). In the 2nd World war, he was Chief Surgeon responsible for the army hospitals around Glogau, his wife Hedwig continued to work and educate their children. End of January 1945, the family had to flee. Hanns Heidecker and his medical unit where moved to Halle. Hanns Heidecker could convince the leading general not to engage in murderous battle with the US forces, which brought the officer and his family in danger for disobeying an order from his superior. Through the help of Count Luckner, an arrangement with the US army could be found and Halle was saved from destruction by combat in the last days of the war. Hanns Heidecker was kept as an US prisoner, which allowed him to escape to West Germany and meet his family again. His descendants live there today. He is the grandfather of Johannes Heidecker, who married Christine Carpentier, both living in France.






Werschitz - Vienna

Herman Heim (1846 - 1919), son of Leopold Heim, was born in Werschitz in the Banat. He came to Vienna where he developed a fabrication of ovens, that later became the first central heating for homes. He was married to Sophie Schmitt. Their daughter Hedwig (1875 - 1939) was highly educated, interested in Greek, Latin and Sanskrit. She married Ludwig Tennenbaum.






Prag - Galicia - Vienna

Adam Albert Hönig, son of Lazarus Hönig, is descendant of a family of bankers in Prag. He obtained nobility in 1784 as "Edler von Henikstein" and became President of the Wieliczka salt mines. His son Joseph (about 1770 - 1838) sponsored the music and married Elisabeth von Sonnenstein (1770 - 1823). Her daughter Caroline married Joseph Freiherr Hammer von Purgstall, the famous diplomat and translator of oriental languages. Amalie von Henikstein married Karl Klein. Her brother Alfred von Henikstein (born 1810) was chief of staff of the Austrian army in the Prussian - Austrian war of 1866.







Anton Hoffmann 1746 - 1814), married to Marie-Anna Herzig, 1748 - 1809) had a son Franz (1779 - 1832), farmer in Gellenau (Kreis Glatz). He was married to Anna-Maria Groß 1779 - 1832) and they had a son Salomon (1804 - 1881) born in Gellenau. Salomon was a constructor and married Rosina Ziegner (1808 - 1866). They had six children, their son Josef (1834 - 1889) married Agnes Mandel (1838 - 1904) and continued the construction business. They lived in Lewin and had six children. Their son Paul (1863 - 1935) become doctor at the health spa of Bad Warmbrunn. He had eight children with his wife Gertrud Collenberg, of which their daughter Hedwig Hoffmann (1899 - 1970) became a medical doctor and married Hanns Heidecker. After their ; from Silesia in the deep cold of January 1945, she started up a medical office in Bavaria till the family could reunite again.






St. Petersburg - Vienna - Styria

F. W. Klein, born in Königsberg, moved to St. Petersburg as Garden director for the Rasumowski family. His son Peter Klein (1760 - 1843) became a merchant, first in the Mahs, then in the Böthling and finally in the Stieglitz trade companies. His son Karl Klein (1797 - 1868) followed his father as an associate in the Stieglitz company in Moscow, but moved later on to Vienna. He was merchant, one of the first managers of the Donau-Dampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft, owner of the sugar factory at Dürnkrut, a factory in Reichraming, co-founder of the Anglo-Austrian Bank and president of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce. He was married to Amalia von Henikstein, two of their daughters, Marjuga and Ida, married the two brothers, Eugen and Heinrich Kriegshaber.






Sudeten - Silesia - Ruhr

Christoph Kny was a miller, probably of the Sudeten area. His son Gottfried was also miller and married Barbara Vogel. Their son Carl (1752 - 1834) was born in Kammer and was a cook of the count Schweinitz. He was married to Hedwig Lorenz and had three sons. His son Wilhelm (1801 - 1881) made soap, had a restaurant and traded coal. With his wife Caroline Michalowsky (1804 - 1882), daughter of the sergeant Johann Michalowsky (1772 - 1810), he had four children. His son Adalbertus (1838 - 1906) had eight children. His first wife, Anna Pohl (1857 - 1883), died early. His second wife, Clara Hertel, also died shortly after her marriage. His third wife, Clara Schallwig, raised the six children of the first marriage and had two more children with her husband, who administrated the Schwesterwitz domain. Their son Willy (born 10. Dec. 1877) emigrated to the US, where he got married; but all traces of him have been lost after World War One. His sister Gertrud (1879 - 1969) married Joseph Heidecker. His brother Albert (1882 - 1945) was army officer, then manager with the German National Bank. He was killed at the end of World War two, his desendance lives in Germany.






Augsburg - Galicia - Austria

The ancestor of the Kriegshaber is Abraham of the village of Kriegshaber near Augsburg. Under the emperor Joseph II. he settled in the area of Lemberg in Galicia. He was a merchant and attaint nobility for his services as army supplier. His son Anton Adam acquired farmland in the area of Zloczow. His son Anton (1799 - 1869) became an officer and was on duty in Milan. He married Karoline von Geymüller. Their son Heinrich (1828 - 1894) had a farm in Siemianowka and married Ida Klein (1832 - 1914), his brother Eugen Kriegshaber (1826 - 1907, born in Milan), who had been an officer, had married Ida's sister Marjuga (1828 - 1911) and they had a farm in Starcyska.

Later, after an accident, Heinrich and his family moved to Steyr. Their son Rudolf (born 1860) became an officer, fighting in World war One. Their other son Carl Kriegshaber (1868 - 1911), also an officer, had been married to Henriette Riedl, who died at the birth of her second child. He got married again with Marie Köbl von Geysing. He himself died when his son Karl Kriegshaber (1904 - 1973) was seven years old. Karl studied Natural Science and later bought with his wife Gertrud a farm in Weng (Styria). Their grandson is Johannes Heidecker.







Franz Macher (1722 - 1813), married to Maria Haf (1729 - 1812) had a son Anton (born 1762), who married Anna-Maria Frey (born 1775). Their daughter Anna-Maria (1817 - 1870) married Albert Peter (1819 - 1885).







Peter Matzak (1724 - 1786) married Elisabeth Voschnak (1738 - 1816) and they had a son Leopold (1767 - 1823), who married Elisabeth Reiffenstein (1777 - 1846). Their daughter Elisabeth (1802 - 1864) married Josef Riedl.






St. Hilaire-du-Riez (85)

Auguste Naulet (born 1800) married Rose Pajot (born 1818). Their son Louis (1850 - 1872) married Eléonore Burgeaud (born 1852) and had a daughter Marie (1872 - 1943), born in St. Hilaire de Riez. She married Jacques Vairon.







Jean Pajot married Rose Sochard and had a son Jean (1878 - 1933), who married Rosalie Collinet. Their daughter Rosalie (1901 - 1968) married Louis Vairon.







Joseph Peter (1757 - 1832) married Katharina Felkel (died 1840). Their son Joseph Peter (1796 - 1829) married Hedwig Streith (1788 - 1855). Their son Albert (1819 - 1885) married Anna-Maria Macher. They had a daughter Maria (1843 - 1921), born in Vienna, who married Anton de Padua-Riedl.







Johann Riedl was born 1755. His son was Josef Riedl (1802 - 1872), married to Elisabeth Matzak. They had a son Anton de Padua-Riedl (1840 - 1918), who was teacher and married to Maria Peter. His daughter Henriette Riedl married Carl Kriegshaber.







Karl Rollmann, married to Elisabeth Verküken, had a daughter Lina Rollmann, married to Karl Schmitt.







Wilhelm Schmitt, married to Anna Tillen, had a son Karl Schmitt, married to Lina Rollmann. Their daughter Sophie (1849 - 1939), born in Heidelberg, married Herrmann Heim.







Michael Schögler, married to Elisabeth Hack, had a daughter Josefa Schögler, who married Peter Harum.






Leipzig - Vienna

Karl Julius Tennenbaum married Pauline Wehle, their son Carl Tennenbaum (1828 - 1904) was born in Leipzig. Working for the city of Graz, he saved the public archives during a big fire. He became a notary, married Michaela Harum and went to Vienna, where his brothers Joseph and Ludwig had a business. His son Ludwig Tennenbaum (1862 - 1928) was CEO of the Neusiedler Papierwerke. His daughter Gertrud married Karl Kriegshaber. The two other daughters had to exile from Austria in 1938, some of their descendants now live in Australia, USA and in France.






Jacques Vairon married Thérèse Massoneau (1753 - 1816). Their son Jacques Vairon (born 1782) married Louise Michaud (died 1842). Their son, Jacques Philippe Veron married Catherine Gibouleau (born 1811). Jacques Aimé Vairon (1838 - 1908), their son, married Marcelline Peault. Their son Jacques Vairon (1867 - 1952) had seven children with Marie Naulet. Their son Louis Vairon (1901 - 1981) married Rosalie Pajot (1901 - 1968). His granddaughter Christine married Johannes Heidecker.







Pauline Wehle married Karl Julius Tennenbaum.







Rosalia Weihs married Leopold Heim.


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