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Finance Jokes

Most people are afraid of the finance function. Some laugh about it. Do this here! And maybe you can contribute to the ultimate "Two cow" story?!


Multicultural management

Coke with beef? A Mercedes as company car? A collection of items, ideas and cases for a manager between different cultures.


Galicia: Country of the silver moon

The territory that came to Austria after the first division of Poland was thought to be promising. Thousands immigrated in the search of a new home. What was the background?

People from Galicia discusses aspects of nationality and culture.


The Jeep Jamboree

Go on an Indian trail in the mountains between Nevada and California


Advent - time of preparation

Advent (in lat. "ad venire" - to come) was the time of rest, preparation and expectation of the coming Christmas. Christmas has passed, but you can read all year long about how the donkey and the ox where chosen, what happened to the Christmas tree of the comedian Karl Valentin, how to make Silesian poppy dumplings and more.


Who are those Heideckers?

About us, why we did this page, and what you never wanted to know about us.


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