Multicultural Conflicts:
Cases to read, to comment, to discuss and to enhance.

Some ideas: Which general rules and hints exist? Which conflicts are bound to countries, which to companies and which to groups? How to handle multicultural conflicts? How to learn? Can cultural conflicts be avoided?


Basics, Differences, Consequences and advice

Multicultural Management France - US
Presentation given at the American Chamber of Commerce (pdf, englisch)

Difference in Management between French and Germans 

A presentation for German companies in France (pdf, French)

Managing Human Relations For Competitive Advantage in Italy And France For Americans

Copyright 1997 by William Drake & Associates (All Rights Reserved)

Managing Business Relationships in Germany

Copyright 1997 by WDA/Culturebank All Rights Reserved

These presentations were offered to download by Culturebank. This the server does not exist any more.

Intercultural Transferability of Management Concepts
An article by Dr. Rollberg on the issue if you can transfer a corporate culture from one country to another

Teaching tolerance
An experience by Jonathan Romain

Cultural Understanding
Training Manual of AIESEC

The Pike syndrome

Getting through Customs
Several articles on doing business in an international environment

Misunderstanding, prejudice - but have a good laugh

Heaven and Hell in Europe
Explanations by an American Tour guide

This page is a kind of multicultural Graffiti treating all subjects of multi-cultural concerns: What things are different, how to face it and how this can enrich your life. Please  us for any contribution, discussion or other links that would fit here.

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