The Jeep Jamboree on the Rubicon trail is a tour on an old Indian path in the West close to Lake Tahoe. Rated 10/10 on off road difficulty scale, it is an extraordinary adventure for Jeep fans.


The trail is close to Lake Tahoe in the mountainous area between Nevada and California.
The Jamboree starts at South Lake Tahoe. After reaching the trail head, the Jeeps get prepared for some serious off road driving.
On the trail
Rule N 1: Never go alone. Any vehicle may be called for assistance to another. The Dodge could not pass a rock, two Wranglers with winches helped him out.
Going downhill
The spotters'help is essential.
Loon Lake
It takes 1 1/2 days to go 22 miles.
The Sluice
A dry creek bed where the water from the melting snow goes down every year.
Rubicon Springs
Driving instructions: avoid using the clutch, go easy on the brake and easy on the accelerator. Thread lightly!
Cadillac Hill
Rubicon Springs used to be accessible by car from Lake Tahoe, and an old Cadillac was sitting on the side of the trail. But today this trail is definitely only a 4WD road.
Jeep people
Some pictures of the group and the team that helped them to make the trail.


Photos by Larry Rae et Johannes Heidecker